Our talented team of gardeners, designers, stone masons, carpenters, welders, herbalists, educators, and farmers are passionate about creating edible landscapes.  Our mission is to transform urban spaces into attractive and regenerative edible ecosystems. We love when our inviting gardens help connect people to the natural world and their food source.

“We get excited when we help people grow their own food. There's immense satisfaction in tending to your plants, watching them thrive and mature, harvesting the bounty, and sharing the harvest with friends and family. It’s one of the most positive things we can do for our environment and ourselves.

Gardens, especially edible gardens, help to facilitate connection with nature. This mindset of sustainability and ability to see our natural world with more reverence and gratitude is why we do what we do.”

- Ben Barkan, Owner & Founder of HomeHarvest



Our emerging non profit branch focuses on planting fruit trees and empowering the community to care for and benefit from the trees.  LEARN MORE →


BEN BARKAN: Owner & Founder, Sales, Designer & Consultant, Licensed GC (HIC # 188371)

Inspired by working on more than 35 organic farms in New England, California, Oregon, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and Costa Rica, Ben applies lessons learned to HomeHarvest's unique custom garden installations. Ben earned a degree in Sustainable Agriculture from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture (4.0 GPA), is permaculture-design certified, and started HomeHarvest with just a bicycle and shovel in 2008. Ben is licensed in Massachusetts as a Construction Supervisor, Home Improvement Contractor, and enjoys designing and selling beautiful landscapes with custom construction and creative plant integration. Published Author at www.BenBarkan.com

ABIGAIL WOLFGarden Leader, Educator, & Herbalist

Abigail joined the HH team in 2013 and we're so grateful for her competence, leadership, positive attitude, and horticultural prowess. With an education background in herbalism, permaculture, Environmental Design and organic farming, Abigail enjoys transforming landscapes into beautiful and productive edible gardens. Abigail teaches customers about our holistic approach to gardening and is involved with school lesson planning and integrating HomeHarvest gardens into school curriculum. We appreciate Abigail’s enthusiasm and passion for growing food sustainably. Abigail also leads medicinal herbalism installations and education demonstrations.



PETE ANDERSON: Carpenter & Construction Specialist

Since 2013, Pete has been diligently helping us to build intricate construction projects throughout Boston. Pete's advanced woodworking skills and build-focused interests are a perfect match for HomeHarvest. His work ethic and intuitive eye for detail are evident as we design/install chicken coops, raised beds, greenhouses, garden art, arbors, decks, and all other uses of wood as a building material. Pete recently lead a complicated greenhouse installation and we couldn't be happier. His work continues to amaze us and our clients.

ARKAM NAPOLI Stone Mason & Construction Specialist

Arkam has 9+ years of construction and masonry experience and loves building beautiful, functional, and artistic creations. His understanding of landscape construction harmonizes perfectly with HomeHarvest's interest in sustainable garden infrastructure. During our growing season, Arkam focuses on stone construction work and tending to his personal fruit orchard. During the winter, he returns home to Zanzibar, Africa, where he tends to a tropical farm, focusing on growing vanilla and other fruits. Arkam's background, positive attitude, and interest in growing food is a perfect fit on the HH team. 

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Evelyn Obarowski: Garden & Construction Specialist

Evelyn has a background in organic farming, permaculture, construction, and construction management. We're excited to teach Evelyn about our company's unique urban farming approaches and empower her to lead projects and build beautiful edible landscapes. "As I pursue education in Sustainable Foods and Farming from UMass Amherst, I will be able to meld education and practice. I believe in the power of small scale permaculture projects to connect people more closely to their food sources, fostering self sufficiency." We welcome Evelyn on the HH team and look forward to collaborations. 


Laura Hackney: Garden Maintenance Specialist

Laura is a plant person at heart who truly enjoys beautifying landscapes using native and edible specimens. With her degree in environmental horticulture and life long experience gardening for private clients throughout New England, we welcome Laura’s knowledge and enthusiasm for growing food! She is passionate about the continued support of regenerative agriculture, permaculture lifestyles, local markets and tinkering with biodynamic gardening in her urban vegetable plot. As HomeHarvest continues to expand our educational programming, we're excited for Laura to rise up in leading workshops and demonstrations throughout Boston.

MICHAEL ULMANArtist, Builder & Welder

Mike's passion for creating art began at a young age while helping his architect father weld metal scraps into large sculptures. He now conceives and fabricates fantastic sculptures with found metal objects, welding pergolas, trellises, water features, arbors, and unique garden art. HomeHarvest's approach and appeal are greatly enhanced by blending one-of-a-kind garden art with edible garden and landscape design.


We're hiring for 2 positions. We're seeking a landscape construction specialist, stone mason, and/or gardener. Please contact us if you're interested in joining our awesome team! Minimum starting wage is $22/hr.