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Our own built-in-house indoor gardens are designed to be beautiful, harmonize with your interior space, and grow nutrient dense greens and herbs. Grown under energy efficient lights, our systems can be used for micro greens, herbs, or as an ornamental garden for succulents and aloe. The photographs on this page show our successful built prototypes we've been experimenting with over the last 3 years.

holistic APPROACH

At the heart of all HomeHarvest gardens lies a passion for custom installations. We love fruit trees, food forest style gardens, annual raised beds, greenhouses, growing in soil, use of hydroponics etc, and we embrace the benefits of all the edible gardening approaches. Our indoor systems aren't meant to replace the sun and we recommend using the sun for most of your edible food production. Being based in a cold climate, there's something so satisfying about watching plants grow in the middle of winter, even if that means using lights. 

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Microgreens & herbs

Our gardens are designed to grow micro greens and herbs, which are known to have significantly more nutrition than more mature greens. Baby kale, peas, lettuce, broccoli shoots, arugula, cilantro, basil and more! Our food safe trays are interchangeable and allow you to grow enough greens to harvest from every day. Germinating the seeds in trays in darkness outside the lighted system, then, once germinated, adding the trays into the light, allows for continued harvesting.

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We operate out of a state-of-the-art wood working facility in Somerville, MA, and are capable of constructing custom indoor gardens to harmonize with the surrounding architecture of your home or business. Own a restaurant? Let's design a garden to maximize the beauty and yield in your unique space. We can even incorporate your restaurant's logo/branding into the design. Productive, nutrient-dense, beautiful, & artistic!