Picture of GardenBen has done our organic garden for two years now. We are amazed and happy about how wonderful it is. We have loads of tomatoes, lettuce and other greens, cucumbers, eggplants, snap peas, beans, and more. He found the best site (in the front yard) and put in organic soil, brought plants and seeds, and started the garden, each year, and taught us how to maintain it. It’s easy, once Ben starts you out. Ben is thorough, hard-working, reliable. —Marilyn Jackson

Picture of TomatoesI just came inside from picking purple, yellow and green beans, micro greens, tomatoes and heirloom eggplant from my garden. What joy! And I can thank Ben for such delight. My spouse and I haven’t been able to find the time to plant a vegetable garden for several years. Ben was highly recommended to us, and it was the best decision we’ve made this summer. He worked closely with us to select, design then build and plant a diverse and robust garden. He even calls me from time to time to gently remind me to “sucker “ the tomatoes and pick the vegetables before they get too big. It was so nice to walk past the produce section in the supermarket this morning, knowing that we would be eating healthier and better quality food from our backyard. If anyone needs some assistance with their own garden, Ben’s your guy. —Sue

Picture of Garden with WallBen’s service offers the perfect solution to busy folks like me who care about growing their own food but simply do not have the time. My feeling was, why grow (and maintain) grass when I can grow food? My problem, that Ben offered a solution for, was that I simply did not have the time to install a garden. Ben’s service is an excellent value and he is a gentle, hard working and customer focused young man who truly loves his work and it shows. He worked closely with me to decide what would be the best vegetable to suit my taste, the soil and the sun around my house. His work; He came early, stayed late and surpassed my expectations in every way. He is highly dependable and so wonderful to work with. This is my second year working with Ben and we are already talking about next year. Always going above and beyond, he has offered to come by in the fall to make sure that my garden is thriving through the fall and early winter. —Lauren Hefferon

Picture of greensThe first time that Ben scheduled to come talk about the garden, he showed up right when he said he would. I found him to be very knowledgeable about organic gardening and had some great ideas about how to best make use of our small garden area. He also suggested (and I agreed) that he build us a composter and that we begin to compost in preparation for next season. We arranged for a date and time for him to come and do the work and decided what would be planted. In the interim, I had a couple of other ideas that I emailed to him, and when he showed up, he’d incorporated them in the design. On the day of the installation and planting, he was on time, and he kept me informed about what he was doing and why he was doing it. I thought that having Ben plant the garden was a great benefit.

At the end of the day, he walked me through what was where, how to maintain the garden, and some tips for some of the plantings. Overall, I was very pleased with the work Ben did for us, and I am already discussing with him other areas around our home that he can assist with. —Hal Tepfer

Picture of greensBen —Your work is amazing! You have transformed my yard into a usable, joyful and beautiful space. We are in awe! —Jan and John

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