We're creating a non-profit branch called HomeHarvest Roots. Our work focuses on planting publicly-accessible fruit trees and edible gardens and empowering the community to interact and benefit from the edible landscapes.  For now, we're a for-profit business that donates fruit trees to appreciative communities. To date, we have donated over $23,000 worth of time, materials, and plants, and have planted over 80 fruit trees on publicly accessible land!

We plant a wide range of fruit and nut trees that yield well in New England. We donate fruit trees to institutions such as schools, community gardens, prisons, hospitals, parks, and houses of worship. People's relationship with plants is important and has the potential to make our communities healthier and more resilient! 

Regarding our tree and installation donations, we're most interested in supporting low-income neighborhoods, a community that will care for the trees, and/or an educational component. If you want to fund a project we already installed or a future project, you're welcome to donate through our website and all donations go toward fruit tree or garden installations at local institutions.  

We're passionate about connecting people with nature and spreading the joy of harvesting abundance from regenerative edible landscapes.  We're seeking a donor and philanthropist to help us jumpstart a 501c3 and so we can create public orchards and gardens for all to benefit from. Please help us spread the word. 

Do you want to see more of this? Do you know of some vacant land with full sun, access to water, and full approval for fruit or nut tree plantings? . CONTACT US >

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