liven up your home!

Bring lushness and life into your home with our awesome selection of indoor gardening systems! Focusing on growing greens and herbs, these fun, beautiful, and productive gardens are perfect for your kitchen, living room, home, or business.


Urban Cultivator

Sleek, automated, irrigated, & beautiful. With computer functions and an option to plum into a water line, the Urban Cultivator is easy and fun to use. Starts at $2,500. 


Stackable, modular, & cost-effective. Once you close the Nanofarm's glass door, you won't have to open it until you harvest. Starts at $380.



We're developing our own beautiful and customizable indoor gardens. Check out our prototypes! Starts at $2,000.


Imagine walking into your greenhouse in the middle of winter, harvesting your own fresh produce, and relaxing in a tropical social space within your greenhouse sanctuary.