Like a room within nature, greenhouses are the ideal transition between the indoors and outdoor landscape. 

Imagine walking into your greenhouse in the middle of winter, harvesting your own fresh produce, and relaxing in a tropical social space within your greenhouse sanctuary.

Our favorite construction projects are attractive, support life, and promote connecting with nature. Greenhouses are perfect for the environmentally conscious gardener who wants to maximize the growing season in style.



Working with all of you is not like working with a “typical” business that comes in, does the job and leaves. The installations that you create are truly works of art that reflect their creators and retain the positive energy that has brought them to life. So Ben, it’s not just about what you have built, planted or maintained for me. It’s also about who built, planted and maintained it. For both the raised bed and the greenhouse project, your crew members have spent a lot of time at my house. Typically, it can be very stressful having work done at your home for any period of time, much less for months. I feel none of that. I am completely comfortable having them here, anytime.
— Clare, Happy HomeHarvest Client