We create beautiful flower and pollinator-friendly gardens! Our favorite gardens incorporate elements of masonry, carpentry, and edibles, and look like attractive and inviting flower gardens. Our design approach is flexible. We offer full design, installation, and maintenance services (weeding, mulching, planting, transplanting, fertilizing, boulder placement, grading, custom construction etc). We love building pollinator habitats and promoting the health of the surrounding ecosystem, ideally combined with edible plantings. We specialize in growing fruit trees, berries, medicinal herbs, and pollinator-friendly plants. Our focus is often on beauty, continuous bloom times, ecosystem restoration, native plants, disease resistance, high yields, and ease of growth.  

Although we sometimes establish new lawns, we do not offer lawn mowing or lawn care services and we do not use harmful chemicals. If you want a garden with a lot of lawn, arborvitae, and dyed red mulch, we are not the right company for you. We take a more natural and earth-conscious approach than most landscape companies.  Our goal is to SUPPORT LIFE IN ALL ITS FORMS!


Plants are healthiest when the soil is well irrigated. Our efficient and custom drip line irrigation systems come with a timer and drip lines can stay in place throughout the winter. 


Pruning can increase crop yields, promote healthy plant vigor and disease resistance. We use hand tools and carefully prune for aesthetics and plant health. Depending on the type of tree or shrub, pruning can often occur year-round. Late winter is ideal for pruning fruit trees, blueberries, grapes, and many other woody plants. Talk to us about having us help prune your trees and shrubs. 

Organic soil improvement

We improve soil health by adding locally sourced organic matter and maintaining plant and soil biodiversity. Compost improves soil nutrient and water-holding abilities, prevents erosion, supplies plant nutrients, and provides healthy habitat to beneficial soil microbes. Organic mulch helps to retain moisture, suppress weeds, build soil structure, moderate soil temperatures (preventing plant stress) and provide habitat for beneficial microbes. Healthy soil is teeming with life. We want to improve the health of your plants by improving your soil's structure and adding lots of organic matter.

I have the best garden now because of HomeHarvest
— Margaret, Happy HomeHarvest Client