The first step is always listening. 

Because all our gardens and construction projects are customized to harmonize with the surrounding landscape, on-site consulting is often the most appropriate first step.

During a 1.5 - 2 hour consultation, we’ll analyze your microclimate and sun exposure, test your soil/analyze results if necessary ($18/soil test, lead contamination, pH, nutrient info etc), assess drainage, answer questions you may have, and begin thinking about design considerations, plant selection, construction integration and potential, and a long term plan for the site. Designing a landscape is similar to a chess game; it's important to think about your next move as well as think 10 moves ahead. This way, each decision we make harmonizes with a future decision, leading to a connected, holistic, and beautiful landscape. 

We can often convey the necessary information by marking layouts on-site, talking about specifics, providing a written scope of work description, and providing concept design renderings. Our consulting and design rate is $130/hr (more for consulting if the site is over 25 minutes from Arlington, MA). It's common that during a 2 hour on-site consultation, we'll be able to define a scope of work together, while on site, and we can be in touch with a proposal and estimate within 10 days of the meeting. Sometimes, a design development budget is needed to clarify construction and planting details after the initial consult.

Customers appreciate our creative, honest, communicative, competent, and sustainably-minded approach as well as our knowledge about edible plants and ornamentals, soil health, and landscape construction. We look forward to exploring your property's potential and starting a collaborative dialogue with you. At HomeHarvest, we're builders at heart and our design process is almost always linked with an installation. 


HomeHarvest changed our lives and made our home more beautiful.
— Mark, Happy HomeHarvest Client