Benefits Of A Greenhouse

Benefits Of A Greenhouse


Every building can generate free energy! 


Every home or building can be oriented south and benefit from passive solar heating via a greenhouse. Every home can be built using thermal mass, which moderates air temperatures, meaning free heating in the winter and free cooling in the summer. Every home can produce healthy food and manage composting organic waste better. So why aren't all homes built more efficiently? Why do we keep building homes with almost no attention paid to passive heating and cooling or the natural world at all? Why don't all homes take advantage of the sun's free energy or the earth's free cooling? 

Home designers and developers have become lazy. It's too easy to keep farting out boring, cookie-cutter homes. It's too easy to hook up heating, venting, and cooling systems to buildings while ignoring the potential that buildings can generate their own energy. This needs to change and the change needs to be market-driven. First, an awareness must exist that buildings can be designed significantly better than they currently are. We all think of solar panels as a positive form of green construction. What about greenhouses? Plants are more direct solar energy producers than solar panels. 

In a greenhouse attached to a home, growing food year round is easy, fun, and makes the home more beautiful. Even in an unheated greenhouse, an exciting and diverse array of edibles can be grown, including tomatoes, figs, peppers, ginger, herbs, grapes, pomegranates, bananas, avocados etc. On the north side of this greenhouse, water tanks or attractive stone masonry (thermal mass) will absorb the greenhouse heat and radiate the heat at night. On warm summer days, the thermal mass will also help to cool the greenhouse and home. From an appraiser's perspective, greenhouses attached to homes increase the interior square footage of a home, thus increasing the property value. 

HomeHarvest wants to make homes more sustainable through clever architectural design and education surrounding sustainable land stewardship. We want our outdoor landscapes to feel cozy, secluded, special, inviting, and like an extension of the home's living room. We want our interior greenhouse spaces to feel vibrant, nurturing, warm, and throughout the home, emanate all the benefits of nature. Harmony between the home's inside and outside results in a more beautiful, balanced, and healthy property. 

We want to see every home benefiting from the construction of a greenhouse on the south side of the home or in lieu of a traditional roof. Every home can generate free energy! We are a team of builders, designers, and educators. Let's make it happen!

Now that Ben Barkan, owner and founder of HomeHarvest, has a construction supervisor's license, HomeHarvest can attain the permits needed to build awesome, beautiful, and functional greenhouses!

Call HomeHarvest today and let us customize a greenhouse that is perfect for your property!

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